Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Twinsburg Turkey Trot 5 miler

Ok, I have been a terrible blogger lately.  I am not only behind in my writing, I am behind in my reading as well.  I'll be working to get caught up over the next few days.

A couple weeks ago I went back to my old hood and ran the Twinsburg Turkey Trot 5 miler.

Competing in this race was a last minute decision and I am glad I did it.  How last minute??  After deciding to run, I had enough time to get dressed, grab a granola bar, and take a swig of Gatorade.  Needless to say, I had no expectations.

I arrived at the start with exactly enough time to register and run to the start.  Good thing I consumed my granola bar during the drive, but didn't have time to get any water.  I was a little worried as I had a small amount of adult beverages the night before.  

This race was probably the most interesting course I ever ran as it included road, trail, bike path, and sidewalk.  Not only was it interesting, but it was HARD.  There were several large hills and a couple long false flats.

I started off at a moderate pace and eased into the race.  On first few hills I kept things moderate and tried to save energy for the end.  I took it especially easy on the trail and sidewalk as I didn't want to twist and ankle.  My strategy paid off as I consistently got stronger as the race went on.

I finished in 43:16, which was good enough for 8th in my age group.  I couldn't be a happier with the results as this was a very hard race.  I highly recommend this race as it was very well organized, challenging, and a great deal.

Post race with Steve, Pam, Jill, and Steve