Friday, January 18, 2013

Heroes - My thoughts on Lance Armstrong and other Athletes of my generation.

From an athletic standpoint all the heroes from my generation cheated in some fashion.  Cycling, Baseball, Football, and even the Olympics.  Sure, I bought into the dream that Lance was an American hero who beat cancer then went on to defeat the best athletes in the world for 7 years.  I don't agree with cheating in any way, but I do understand that it was part of the athletic culture back then.  I hope we as a society can learn from the past and promote clean competition in all sports.  

I also hope as a society we make better choices in our athletic heroes.  I'm guilty myself of looking up to athletes who achieve success.  But what constitutes success?  Winning? Championships?  Being the best at what you do?  In the past I used these attributes.  Lately, I've realized I was wrong.  We should choose heroes like ourselves who manage to promote healthy lifestyles while managing careers, families, over come disease, illness, tragedy and deal with the daily stresses of life.  All while doing the most with the talents we were blessed with.  We are the true heroes and we need to support each other in what ever path we decide to take.  Too often we choose to tear down instead of building up.  So, the next time you see someone choosing to be "their" best.  Cheer them on as they are the true heroes.  


Heather said...

Best post EVER.

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