Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dress rehearsal: Getting prepared for the Rite Aid Marathon

As April comes to a close.  Most of you are probably making plans for your final long run before taper. This final long run can be very important.  Not only from a training standpoint, but for preparation.  I've always used this run as a test for gear I plan on using race day.  Especially if i'm planning on using new gear.  I try to simulate race day as much as I can.  I find that this helps calm race day nerves and trouble shoot any potential problems.  Below I listed some things I try during this time period.

1.  Shoes - I like to have a new pair of shoes for a big race day like Cleveland Marathon.  I've found that breaking them in with 50-75 miles prior to race day is the best.  I also do my last long run in them.  

2. Clothing - I always do my last big run before taper in my race outfit.  This will help identify any hot spots or rubs that may require Body Glide.  Also, you can gauge if the outfit will be comfortable on race day.  That last thing you want to deal with on your big day is clothing.  

3. Hydration - Before races I will check the map and make notes on at what mile the water, electrolyte, and GU stations are.  I will then start hydrating at those miles during training.  I've found that this will help get used to the hydration intervals that you'll need on race day.

4. Fueling - Fueling technology has progressed a lot the past few years.  There are plenty of choices between companies, flavors, and type.  It can be hard to choose between gels, chews, liquids, or bars.  My running favorite is peanut butter GU, but it was a lot of trial in error to find that.  My best suggestion is to try a few different ones on your runs to find which one you prefer.  Also, take them with water instead of an electrolyte.  Taking them with an electrolyte can be very hard on your stomach and cause it to be upset.

5. Route -  Try to mimic your race route.  If your lucky enough in the area.  Run a portion of the race route or scout out some of the hills.  This can help ease some of the nerves on race day.

I hope these tips help with the remainder of your training.  We are under the 30 day mark.  Keep up all your hard work and i'll see all of you on race day.


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Zaneta said...

GREAT tips Beal! :) Fueling is probably the toughest one for me to figure out!