Thursday, July 14, 2011

Absolutely Beautiful Country Ride

This past Sunday, I participated in the ABC Ride.  ABC stands for Absolutely Beautiful Country and is the Akron Bicycle Club's main fundraising ride for the year.  This is the 3rd time I have done this event and the second time it has been on this route out of Medina.

I road again this year with my trusty domestiques, Mitch and Lisa.  We ended up doing the 65 mile route.  It is a nice route with a couple minor climbs.  It begins in Medina heads through Medina County and Wayne Counties.  It also passed through Orrville, Doylestown, Wadsworth, and Norton.  Its nice sometimes to get out in the middle of BFE where you can ride side by side in peace.  We did have an old guy go nuts on us in Medina.  We were riding single file, which was not good enough as he swerved to scare us off the road.  Sometimes I wonder why a cyclist has to be so hated.  I'm just out enjoying a beautiful morning trying to be fit.

I took it pretty easy on this ride and came through the 65 miles in 3 hours 47 minutes.  Not too bad for riding at about 70 percent.  The temperature was pretty bad the second half of the ride as my Garmin hit 98 degrees the last 30 miles.  My only complaint was some of the road marks were hard to read and they didn't color code the different distances.  Other than that, it was a great ride and I'll be back again next year.


Matty O said...

Good stuff man! Definitely smart not to push it in the heat. I have found that you pay for that the next week haha.

Glad everything is still going strong for you on the running and biking front!

BDD said...

What country, only thing I can see is Zipp stockings