Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 7 of Akron Marathon Training

This was another great week of training.  The weather was good here all week and I took advantage of having two days off to put in some quality miles.  I also completed a 5 mile running race and a Metric Century bike ride.  Only had two issues this week.  This first was battling with the humidity.  I found myself struggling to stay hydrated at points this week.  I probably need to look into intaking more sodium as I feel like I am not retaining what I am intaking.  This has led to a couple points last week where I was light headed and irritable during the day.  The second issue was that I didn't lose any weight this week.  I know I shouldn't be disgusted after loosing ten pounds the past month, but I burnt over 11 thousand calories during the week.  So I am disgusted and must have ate more over the holiday weekend than I thought.  Another big week is planned with a metric century and a 4 mile road race in the same day!  I'm looking forward to it.  Should be a great day.

Running miles:  24 with an average pace of 9:27

Cycling miles:  197 with an average speed of 16.5

Total miles for the week:  221

Time spent training:  15 hours 41 minutes.

Calories burned:  11,152


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