Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2012 Twinsburg Duathlon Race Report

Logo from the shirt event shirt.

This is the first time I have done this event and my first Duathlon since 2010.  I decided to do this race over the winter and I am really glad I did.  The race is comprised of a 2 mile run followed by a 10 mile bike race and then another 2 mile run.  Technically this is a sprint distance, which really didn't play to my strengths as I have been endurance training the past 4 months.  Plus, I was only 2 weeks recovered from running a marathon.  Regardless, I decided to have some fun and use it as a learning experience as I plan on focusing more on multi-sport races the rest of the year. 

Me with fellow #dirtyrunners Chris Cole and Christian Heller

Run 1
Prior to the race, we received instructions from the USA-T representative as this was a sanctioned event.  I quickly became paranoid as there were a lot of rules and I didn't want to make a mistakes as a result of my lack of knowledge.  After the rules briefing, we were ready to start.  They were playing some house music and I had to be "that guy" who was fist pumping seconds before the race.  I was there to have fun right?  

We were off and it turned in to a fast race immediately.  I really had no idea what to expect from myself as I am currently at odds with running.  I'm still so disgusted with how that marathon went that if I didn't run again this year, I wouldn't care.  I think I've ran a total of 3 miles since 5/20.  My plan was to run in the 8:30 range.  As usual I got caught up in the moment and ran mile 1 in 7:36.  The second mile was mostly uphill so it helped slow me down.  

First 2 mile time:  16:09, which was the 69th fastest.  

My transition spot. 

Transition 1
Holy train wreck batman!  Yep, that bad.  My bib number for this race was #8 and I was jacked to have this number as it was Dale Earnhardt Jr's old number.  Plus, the bike racks are sorted by number.  Wouldn't you think 8 would be up front?  Nope, I was all the way in the back and had to run across a whole parking lot to change gear.  Now, this isn't two bad in shoes, but I am not good enough yet to leave my cycling shoes pre-clipped.  So, I have to clomp through a parking lot in carbon fiber cycling shoes.  Not fun.  

Transition 1 time:  2:00

Bike 1
I rode the bike course the week before and I had it all planned out.  I would be fairly aggressive on hill 1 then hammer the flats to the second hill at mile 8 and hammer the final mile into the transition.  Unfortunately, this strategy did not work out too well.  As my ride began, it started to drizzle and it made things a little tricky.  Initially, I was excited as I am confident in my bike handling and figured I could be more aggressive and make up some time.  I hit the first false flat and into the first hill with great speed as I passing one rider after another.  Once I crested the first hill.  I was greeted with a nice headwind and I continued to hammer and passed rider after rider.  By this point the drizzle became a light rain.  Just enough to slick up the road.  While attacking the next corner.  I could feel my rear wheel slip and it quickly brought me back to reality.  I was hear to have fun and was not competing with anyone other than myself.  So, it wasn't worth wrecking ten grand in race equipment being stupid.  So, I dropped it back to about 80% and took it easy on the corners.  Sadly, I was passed by a rider.  This is the first time in over a year that this has happened.  Its something I will need to get used to as I do more of these as there was some serious riders at this race.  

Fail, I do not have my bike split as I messed up my Garmin.  I had the race programed into it, but double clicked the button by mistake out of transition one.  The race time grouped both transition times in with the bike time.  Official time was 35:50 with 2 minutes being transition 1 and atleast another 2 minutes being the 2nd transition.  My best guess is 10 miles in 31:20-31:50 range.  Even with my terrible transition times.  I post the 35th fastest bike and transition times.  

Run 2
Anybody who has done a multi-sport knows this.  There is no hell quite like bike to run.  It's really an odd feeling for the first quarter of a mile.  I went as hard as I could and ran fairly well.  It was kind of odd as there wasn't much traffic.  I kept thinking...am I that close to the front?  am I that far behind?  It ended up being neither as the race had just sorted out that way.  

Run 2 time 17:18, which was the 79th fastest 2nd run time. 

I finished 7th in my age group and 54th overall.  I had a bast a this race and will be back next year.  It was very organized and worth every penny.  Northcoast Multisports and USAT did a great job.  I am pleased with how things went given the conditions of the weather and my lack of sprint training.  I finished 2 minutes better than my goal time, I learned a lot, and I had a blast.  What else can you ask for from a race?  Not much, maybe a Clydesdale division next year.  

I look forward to applying what I learned over the next 3 weeks and see how I can improve for my next race at Cross Fit Akron Duathlon.  

Things I learned/will be working on: 

1) Speed - need to implement for intervals and brick workouts into my training.
2) Transitions - I felt like a 3 legged dog trying to hump a football.  Lots of practice is needed. 
3) Ride to my strengths
4) Work on shorter/faster runs.
5) Lighten up. 

Congrats to everyone in this race.  It was insanely fast and some of those times were amazing for this course.  Especially in that weather.  


Not only did we get an event shirt, but we also go a water bottle.  Thanks Bike Authority!


Fizzgig said...

props on this race! I can't even run on the treadmill, and transition to the bike, and back to the treadmill and get a decent time, which is 100% easier than the real thing!

7th in your age group? I would be throwing a party, that is an awesome accomplishment, especially if you have been off running since the ClE!

Matty O said...

Great job man. Yeah, it takes a few races to get things figured out and see how everyone else does things too.

I run in my bike shoes. The sprint races I go balls to the wall, it is a speed workout for me and I want to be pac man on the bike like you were, best feeling is just reeling guys in and passing them.

Great job!!! Let this be the second of MANY multisport events for you!!!

POR said...

It was awesome racing with you this weekend. I think we all did fairly well based on the conditions. I was truly impressed with your bike portion as you were really hustling. I'm looking forward to racing with you throughout the summer...

Anonymous said...

Your bike is so pretty! Sounds like you had fun and your times look pretty good. Especially that run after biking. Always such a weird feeling

Anonymous said...

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