Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet the Widowmaker

One of the great joys of purchasing a bike.  Every cyclist approaches naming their new ride differently. Typically, I just come up with a name after riding it.  It just kinda comes to me.

My current ride is named Doomsday Jesus.  I named it after a song I heard while driving home with it for the first time.

Doomsday Jesus, my Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL3

I don't have an elaborate story on how I came up with my new bikes name.  Other than it just came too me and I thought it sounded cool and a little evil.  Let me say this thing is CRAZY fast.  Without aero wheels I hit 25 mph into a headwind hardly any effort.  So, I think this bike will destroy the competition.  Thus, earning its name:  The Widowmaker.

My new2012  Cervelo P3 TT/TRI bike

Carbon 3T bars

Front view

No room for air on that rear wheel = speed. 

Went with the Ultegra drivetrain

Side view

Fizik Arione saddle

Rear view.  

My road weapons....Doomsday Jesus and The Widowmaker


Matty O said...

She looks nice from the backside ;)

inspirunning said...

have no idea what any of that technical stuff means but looks sweet!!! sounds like she will do you good in the tri's! Good Luck this summer!

JFord said...