Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 4 of 20 Marathon training

Well, that's a wrap of my first month of marathon training.  Apart from the 2nd week.  I am pretty satisfied with how things have gone during the first month.  I had two long runs during the month of 13 miles.  The first at 2:06 and the second was at 2:03.  Both were indoors, but I am off from my best time of 1:55 at the end of November.  Hopefully my lack of speed so far has more to do with running indoors than anything else.  I was also excited to lose 2 more pounds this week, which makes 6 for the month of January so far.  One goal of mine is to improve my power to weight ratio by March.  I also made it through a week without Diet Coke.   I gave up of regular pop several years ago, but have been drinking 1-2 glasses of diet pop a day since.  To be honest. I really haven't missed it that much.  The plan for this week is to rest today and start back up tomorrow.  My long run will be a 15 mile run on Saturday.  It may be a little rough as I am scheduled to run 4 the day before.  I will also be spending plenty of time on the bike and continue to work on swim technique.

Running:  33 total miles
                 - 0 Outside
                 - 33 Inside
Average Pace 9:24

Cycling:  2 1/2 hours on the trainer.

Swimming: 1 swim session. 

Weight training:  1 session:  Bench 1x12 160lbs 1x4 185lbs 1x2 205lbs
                                             Incline Bench 3x10 115lbs
                                             T-Bar Row 2x15 75lbs
                                             Close Grip Pullups 3x10 (Weight assisted)
                                             Military Press 3x12 55lbs
                                             Pull ups 3x15 15lbs

Weight training session 2:  Incline curls 3x12 25 lbs
                                           Preacher curls 3x12 65lbs
                                           Tricep pulldown 3x15 70lbs
                                           Reverse Tri pulldown (one arm) 3x15 40lbs
                                           Reverse Preacher curl (straight bar) 3x12 35lbs

Calories burned:  7,408
Weight loss this week:  2lbs
Weight loss YTD:  6lbs



mojamala2 said...

I am thinking about giving up diet pop for Lent. But thats probably all I will be able to handle.
Glad to see I am not the only one doing all my runs inside!

Beal88 said...

Hard to believe it's almost time for Lent. Last year I gave up Chipotle. It is my last vice right now, so I have no clue what to give up this year.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice work!!! I have a soda once a week, my guilty pleasure for being good

here is the Maumee race page, $55 for the sprint $65 for the oly, not a tough course at all, the swim is in the protected lagoon, no current, no chop, perfectly calm, and the bike is literrally 11 feet total climb, 22 in the oly, HFP makes you loop the course for olys. Just have to deal with lake winds off Erie

Q said...

Congratulations! I don't know how you manage to run 13 miles indoors. I almost died of boredom running 4 yesterday on the treadmill. The track inside my gym is only 1/10 of a mile. I'm happy if I can bear to do one mile on that track.

Also, I'm not a great swimmer. Not sure if it's just more being intimidated of how I look swimming or if I just don't know the right form. Do you have any suggestions on where to get tips? I don't have a decent bike so it's unlikely I will be doing a triathlon any time soon but I'll be doing my first 1/2 marathon in Cleveland in May.

Keep up the great work.

Beal88 said...

Thanks Q. The swim is my week area right now as well. I have been watching informational videos and will buy some private lessons in an attempt to learn more about swimming. Also, check out Big Daddy Diesel's Blog as well as Dangle the Carrot. They are some strong swimmers who are currently training for Ironman. Good luck with your training.