Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 5 of 20 Marathon training

I am happy to report that this was another successful week of training.  My long run of the week was 15 miles on Saturday, which is a personal best for me.  It was the first time I have ever ran over 13.1 miles.  The weather in Northeast Ohio has not allowed me outside for the 3rd week in a row and judging from this Mega Storm that starts this evening, it may be till the weekend before I can attempt to run outside.  My long run this week will be back to 13 on Saturday.  As of tomorrow, my training program will have me on a 10 day run-fest.  Well, more of a grind than fest.  I will be running 10 days straight and I believe the total for that time period will be 59 miles.  Hopefully I will drop some more weight during that time period.  Speaking of weight loss, I lost at total of 7 pounds during the month of January.  I also ran a total of 136 miles during the month.  It is easy to see that the weight loss has helped, as my average pace for the week dropped 13 seconds.  

Running:  36 total miles
                 - 0 Outside
                 - 36 Inside
Average Pace 9:11

Cycling:  2  hours  15 minutes on the trainer.

Swimming: 1 swim session. 

Weight training:  1 session:  Bench 1x12 160lbs 1x4 185lbs 1x2 205lbs
                                             Incline Bench 3x10 115lbs
                                             T-Bar Row 2x15 75lbs
                                             Close Grip Pullups 3x15 (Weight assisted)
                                             Military Press 3x12 55lbs
                                             Pull ups 3x15 15lbs

Weight training session 2:  Incline curls 3x12 25 lbs
                                           Preacher curls 3x12 70lbs
                                           Tricep pulldown 3x15 75lbs
                                           Reverse Tri pulldown (one arm) 3x10 45lbs
                                           Reverse Preacher curl (straight bar) 3x12 40lbs

Calories burned:  8,070
Weight loss this week:  1lbs
Weight loss YTD:  7lbs



Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its an ice rink down here, makes me wonder how it is up there. I have a long run this weekend, gonna do it on my 1/12 mile tack at the gym, sighhhhhh the mental games of keeping track of 96 laps

Beal88 said...

I use the Nike+ program with the iPod when I am indoors. Looks like the ice has made it up this way.