Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 12 of 20 Marathon training

Another week of training is now officially in the books.  And with that, the marathon is now less than 2 months away.  I am not sure how or when my mindset has changed, but it has gone from I am making great progress and just think how fast I'll be in May.  Too,  I don't know how I am going to survive 26.2 miles.  I think the change in mindset can be traced to the past two long runs.  Both were outside and I struggled mightily at the end of each.  I almost feel like I have wasted my time doing long runs indoors to this point as I feel behind where I should be outside.  Plus, I don't feel myself making the gains I should be making through training.  Add in the fact that I haven't been losing weight lately and you've got a pretty unhappy Beal this weekend.  I rallied on Sunday with a decent run of 5.5 miles, which included some impromptu speedwork for the last two miles.  My body decided to have some fun with me by calling my bowels into action when I was 2 miles from home.  Thankfully, I made in home safely.  I then went for a 20 mile ride to top the weekend off.  Overall, it was a decent start to Spring for me.  A 25 mile ride on Friday, 17 mile run on Saturday, and a 5.5 mile run then 20 mile ride on Sunday.  I do wonder how much the 25 mile ride on Friday affected my run on Saturday.  On Friday, I also signed up for @cooktraineatrce Cupcake Marathon.  I had the bright idea to complete it in 24 hours, but fell short at 22 miles.  I am off today and will be wrapping that up tomorrow.  This week I will be focusing on the run.  50 miles total including a long run of 20 miles this weekend.

Total miles running/cycling:  90

Total hours training:  9

Running:  37 total miles
                 - 28 Outside
                 - 9 Inside

Average Pace:  9:22

Cycling:  53 miles.

Feet climbed:  2,184
Calories burned:  8,594
Weight loss this week:  Did not weigh
Weight loss YTD:  9lbs


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Matty O said...

Great job man. Yeah the switch from indoor running to outdoor running is the same as it is for biking, real obstacles, winds, hills, etc.

You hit a big week the other week, your body is making adjustments and has to recoup from that abuse haha.

Keep pushing forward, you will do awesome!