Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 11 of 20 Marathon training

Week 11 wasn't the best of weeks for me.  It got off to a great start on Tuesday as the weather here was in the 50's.  I got in a killer bike/run brick feeling strong through out.  Unfortunately, I woke up Wednesday with a major sinus issue.  I fought through it and kept it from the chest up, but fell short on my miles this week.  The first time that has happened during this training program.  I have been fairly upset about that, but the good news is that I still got my long run in.  More good news is that my sinus issues are almost gone and I will be able to get back after it full time this week.

Running:  40 total miles
                 - 34 Outside
                 - 6 Inside

Average Pace:  9:22

Cycling:  10 miles.

Calories burned:  7,645
Weight loss this week:  Did not weigh
Weight loss YTD:  9lbs



Matty O said...

Great job man! Like I said on Twitter it is kind of early for a 20 miler but kudos to you for crushing it this early!!!

mojamala2 said...

Look at you getting outside more often. I am still inside for most of my runs