Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 Cleveland Marathon - Additional tid bits.

This is a bit of a different post.  Below are some thoughts I did not initially remember when writing my race report and some are thoughts that really didn't fit in.  So, when you buy a DVD movie you get a bonus disc.  This would be like that bonus disc.

- Their is not a more sobering moment than when you first look at your race photos.  I fully understand I won't be getting modeling jobs anytime soon, but geez I look hideous when I run.

- Funniest sign:  There was a blonde lady on the first part of the course with a sign that said, "Single and supportive."  I would like to pretend she started yelling at me.  I couldn't hear over the headphones, but as I ran by.  Everybody around turned and looked at me.

- Funniest sign runner up:  There was a group of people on the MLK dressed in all black.  I forget what group they were from, but they had a sign that said, "Don't poop!"

- I stopped for a couple seconds after we split from the 1/2 marathoners.  I noticed my beer coupon was falling off and I wanted my free beer.  So I stopped and put it safely in my Spi belt.

- While running on the East side of town in the 17-18 mile area.  The route ran by a church.  Some people were crossing the road to get to church.  Not one of them cheered me on, nor smiled, and they didn't even stop to get out of my way.  I didn't stop either and almost ran one over.  I guess if you are that much of a jerk.  You definitely need to be going to church.

- Anybody see the lady driving down the road at mile 6?  I don't know how the hell she got on the road or what possessed her to ride against traffic with thousands of runners headed right at her.

 - While running through the crowds.  I thought, They are here for someone else but the cheer for us all the same.  Cool.

- Why wasn't the bike path portion of the marathon swept?  There was dead fish and skeletons everywhere.  Definitely an embarrassing moment for the city.

-  By the time I finished.  It was raining and the temp had plummeted to the lower 50's.  Think I could have used a space blanket?  Well, they allowed the 10K runners and 1/2 marathoners to take all the blankets.  I can understand the need for one after a half, but 10K...REALLY!?!?!

- What was the deal with all the doomsday people along the route?

- The Indians are in first place, a Brown is on the cover of Madden, the Cavs had a 2% chance and still got the first pick, and I completed a marathon....wait, maybe the end of the world is here.

- Yes, my post race celebration consists of beers.  My favorite to celebrate with?  Christmas Ale and Summer Shandy.

- I wish I knew how to leave replies to comments on my blog.  I would like to thank everybody for all the nice things they said.  Also, I did not realize to yesterday that only followers could leave comments.  I think I've fixed that situation.

- My first thought as I awoke on Monday?  Oh dear God!  Yes, I hurt that bad.

- I punished my legs on Sunday and they punished me on Monday.

- I got a text from my mom Monday morning asking how I felt.  I let her know I wasn't doing so well.  Her response was "Are you hurting from the marathon or the beer?"

- Yes, a deciding factor in what races I do is how well I can celebrate afterwards.

- How'd the post celebration go?  Drank my weight in Summer Shandy and Christmas Ale then had a steak that was roughly the size of half a cow.  Sounds like a perfect mix of recovery carbs and protein to me.

- I couldn't walk on Monday.  On Tuesday I was getting around like I was 80 and Wednesday I was getting around like I was 60.  Hopefully I am back to normal by the weekend.

- I still haven't committed to running the Buffalo Marathon yet.  I'm about 60/40 right now.

- Taper and carb loading again actually scares me more than a second marathon.

- I consider myself a nice guy and have finished last enough to prove it.  I also live my life by the saying.  I'd rather live my life as a nice guy and finish last all the time than pretend to be somebody i'm not.  With that said.  I really need to re-think my race strategy in regards to being polite when stuck behind slower runners.  I didn't spend 20 weeks training to run my slowest split in the half because people don't have the decency to line up in the correct spot.


Allison said...

I love this post!!! I would totally save my coupon for beer!! It tastes soooo good after a long race!

Speaking of churches on marathon routes: A friend of mine ram the L.A marathon. His running partner was so hosed ( after a long night of drinking pre marathon) he stopped in a church had some donuts and coffee before heading back out to finish and getting narrowly beat by a man in a Chiquita banana suit.

You are awesome!!!

Zaneta said...

GREAT post! lol... the don't poop sign... similar to the "don't poop.... out" sign during the half i ran! lol..

Matty O said...

HAHA love it. Agree 100% on the dead fish part, that was disgusting, I couldn't breathe!

Yes, I too put my beer coupon in my fuel belt. Dude, priorities right?

Loved your mom's comment hahaha.

When people don't line up correctly in races, push them out of your way. You won't see them again because obviously you are faster than them anyways ;) Works for me every time.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

This was a cool post

- Dead fish???
- The church people, not as bad as being on a triathlon and people walk in front of you while your on the bike, then have the nerve to yell at you as I barely missed them
- It always seems the people that go long, get screwed at the end of their race, all the short distance people snag everything, I get some people took 3-4 blankets and didnt even used them, just to toss in their gear bag, sucks, no manners in todays society
- Congrats again

Anonymous said...

Great recaps!
Just wanted to mention, I ran the half and I couldn't find the mylar blankets either. After the fact I heard they were in the medical tent, but I barely saw any people with them when I finished the half, so I'm not sure what happened. Hopefully they'll make sure there's enough for everyone next year.

mojamala2 said...

I remember both of those signs! I wish I could take a picture of all of them. I didn't get to see the dead fish, I must have just missed them. Buffalo marathon in 9 days!

Why said...

Nice! I like the analogy of the bonus Disc. :)
Bummer about the blankets.
Gotta Run,

Brad said...

I remember the "single and supportive" sign too. Brought a smile to my face. As far as the slow runners at the start, I think more races need to have assigned corals and staggered starts. I did a half in Seattle with them, and while it didn't completely solve the problem, it was better than any other race I've run. Not sure what else can be done.

Becca @ Peace, Love & Bagels said...

Did you see the sign "run faster, I just farted"? That was one of my favorites. I couldn't believe that all the space blankets were gone either!! It was so cold by the time I finished

Ironman By Thirty said...

Cool idea for a post! I always think of things after I post my race reports.

What is with all these races running out of supplies/food before the main event even finishes. So disappointing.

Q said...

I loved hearing all your thoughts. I used to write about those on my old running blog too. One of my favorite parts of running is all the random thoughts that pop into my head.

I was surprised that at it's 34th year, the Cleveland Marathon was very disorganized in many ways. I guess my only other experience with a marathon so far was the Akron, which is an awesome marathon in many ways, but still, Cleveland really should have it together by now. When I got to the stadium, there were not enough signs or help to tell you where things were such as the massage area or the start line. You pretty much had to walk and walk until you figured all that out. Also, I heard there were issues with the bathrooms. Was this the first year the marathon used the stadium? I crossed the half marathon finish at 2:31 and I could have easily missed the food. In fact several of my friends left that area before seeing the food and drinks and were not allowed back in to get anything. As far as the mylar blankets, I never even saw them. Anyway, I'm still super impressed reading up on all your marathon accomplishments. Great job and embrace the pictures! Hee hee.

Colleen said...

I love this post... and I love that you stopped to pin your beer ticket to your belt. Priorities! ;)

Chrissie said...

Great post! I ran Cleveland, and I had two favorite signs: "Puke and Rally" and "Suck It Up, Princess". Ugh, that rain. I think I'll do it again next year, though.