Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good News / Bad News

The good news is that I am not injured.  The bad news is that I have not recovered quick enough to run this weekend's Buffalo Marathon.  I had planned on running my 2nd marathon just 14 days after the Cleveland Marathon to join the marathon maniac club, but i'm still plagued by some minor aches and my legs lack the strength to run another marathon.  This week's runs have been hard and i'm getting sick to my stomach to the point of almost earning a pukie.  Unfortunately, I am not far along enough in my distance running life to attempt this.  Sometimes I forget that I've only been running distances over 6 miles for 8 months and I need to do this longer before attempting something this extreme.  I had really hoped to achieve this accomplishment, but I am just not ready.  So, its been a rough week and I can't help feeling like I have failed instead of basking in the glory still of surviving my first marathon.  I understand I shouldn't feel this way, but I do.  That is just how I am.  I'll now focus my training on getting in better shape, losing more weight, and having a strong run at the Akron Marathon.  Marathon manics, save me a seat at the bar.  I'll won't be joining you this spring, but I hope too within the next year.  I've also made some changes to my June schedule that I have listed below.

June 4:  Pedal with Pete (64 miles) or Trail of Beers run.
June 5:  Ride United (60 miles) or Lake Health 1/2 marathon
* depending on weather and legs to decide which 2 events to do.

June 13:  Sunday In June Ride (64 miles)

June 19:  Towpath 10/10 miler



Matty O said...

Dude, I had no idea you were trying to do this. Uhhhh I would have been the first person to tell you DON'T DO IT!

Your body is not ready. Well, I am sure you could "do it" but your season would pretty much be done and you would just be welcoming injuries from here on out.

You made the smartest move. Honestly, give yourself this year to build your body's tolerance to endurance running and then try it. Marathons HURT the body much more than we think.

Be smart man.

Jason said...

Marathons in 2 weeks? With this being your 1st? Yeah, I am agreeing with Matt. You need time to recover and get that time in on your legs.

Smart move in skipping it. We are programmed to keep on pushing but you need to really listen to your body and understand what is happening to ourselves.

Enjoy those other races and rides and there will always be more mary's on the horizon.

Patrick said...

The frustration you're feeling right now is what makes you a great athlete. You want to push yourself and you don't settle. I hear ya man!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Didn't we talk about this back when you came up with this plan? You are making the smart call, which is tough for you midwesterners (-:

Sit this one out and the rewards of a solid recovery will pay you back ten-fold!

Anna said...

Matt, I feel you on your frustrations. Getting back into my running game this week after Cleveland has been tough. My legs feel heavy and I feel like I'm running in slow motion. I signed up for a 5-mile race this Saturday even though I know I won't be setting an PRs this race, I'm running it to get back into the swing of things before I begin my marathon training.

I think you are doing the right thing by listening to your body and not running the Buffalo marathon this weekend. Keep up your great work this summer and I hope to run into you again on the course in Akron. :-)

mojamala2 said...

What???? I can't believe you are leaving me to represent Cleveland all by myself! J/k. Smart decision if your legs are not ready. You did just finish your first ever marathon!

Jon said...

Good decision to not run it! You do get an A+ for being ambitious!

Saw your comment about being able to tell if someone is lying or not. I am curious if you can elaborate on that. Not being fascicious (sp?) I am just very intrigued as I am looking at ALL angles to the Lance saga. shoot me an email to

Colleen said...

You made the right call - as frustrating as it might be, it's the right thing for the long haul. Marathons aren't going anywhere!!! :)