Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon - Week 12 training

Happy Easter everyone!!  I hope everyone is enjoying some quality time with their families.  This was another good week of training for me.  It was one of my shorter long run weeks and I was off Friday.  I took advantage of it by doing some hard bricks.  Our weather has continued to be really good.  You know you are having a mild Spring in Ohio when it is 50 degrees and it seems chilly.  We've really been spoiled this year.  It was a fun week as I got out for runs and rides.  I also spent some quality in the pool.  I am currently working on the breast stroke.  My trainer feels it will be necessary if when I get off course in open water.  Now, I will be able to pop up and see where I am at without losing momentum.  So, I am working on that as well as my freestyle breathing.  My breathing is getting much better, but now I am getting water in my ear at times.  So, trying to figure that out.

This week will be a big week.  Next up is my second 20 miler.  I was thinking to myself while running this past weekend and realized this week begins a critical 3 week period.  My training plan calls for 20 this week, then a 15 miler, and then a final 22 miler.  So, I've got 3 weeks before its time to start dialing it back.  I really really want to run well and do something special on 5/20.  So far I think I have put myself in position to potentially do that, but I need to take it to another level the next 3 weeks to really finish strong.  I can be my own worst enemy sometimes, especially when it comes to 20 mile runs.  I am not going to let myself dwell on it and focus on the positives.

Wore the BMC kit on Saturday's ride.  Good thing my ride when better than Thor's did today. 

Rest day

6.13 mile run at 8:56 pace

6 mile run at 9:02 pace
12 mile ride at 19.2 MPH average

Rest day

13.1 miles at 9:05 pace
11 mile ride at 16.3 MPH average

8 mile run at 9:01 pace
16 mile ride at 17.5 MPH average
600 yard swim

6.13 mile run at 9:13 pace
600 yard swim

Miles:  78.51
Time:  8 hours 21 minutes
Cals burned:  7,809

Weight loss:  1 lbs lost.  YTD loss is 17 lbs.


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Keep up the good work. Good Luck on the next 20 miler. Run hard and eat Chipotle afterwards

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