Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon - Week 15 training

Week 15 is now complete.  The hard work is done.  It is time to taper, rest, and prepare for the big day in 3 weeks.  First off, this has been another great week.  I couldn't be happier with how my training has gone in 2012.  Last year was a struggle and I learned a lot.  I was excited this year to not only apply what I learned through training, but also through the marathon.  This week was my 3rd and final 20 mile run.  I continued my improvement with each one.  My first was 3:12, the second was 3:09, and Saturday I busted out 3:00!!!  I couldn't believe it.  It was a full 1:36 per mile pace better than what I raced.  This race was a huge confidence booster for me.  I know all runners pick up time from their long runs to the race, but I always worried I would not be able to run 9 minute miles on race day.  On Saturday, that is exactly what I did.  So, I am ready to rock.

This next week will be the start of dialing it back.  The temps here are going to jump this week to the high 70's.   We haven't had temps like that since early March.  I had planned on riding a lot this week as I wanted to not only get work in, but give my joints a break from the pounding from running.  Part of me thinks I may be better off running as it will help me get used to the heat.  Not sure what I will do yet.  I'll see how the legs and make a decision then.  This weekend I will be heading to Indianapolis Indiana for the Indy Mini Marathon.  It is the largest half marathon in the United Sates.  It is a race from downtown Indianapolis to the Indianapolis speedway.  Once you make a loop around the track, you head back to downtown.  I am not worried about a PR as I will not be passing up the opportunity to kiss the bricks!!

Rest day

5.00 run at 8:51 pace

26 mile run at 17.6 mph

5.01 run at 8:44 pace

Rest day

20 mile run at 9:01 pace

7.75 mile recovery run with @clecraftbeerrun

Miles:  70.78
Time:  7 hours 37 minutes
Cals burned:  7,053


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inspirunning said...

that 20 miler is major! print that photo off and put in on the fridge!