Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon - Week 13 training

Who knew how aero tomato wheels could be.

Lucky number 13!!  This week got off with a rough start.  My legs felt dead on Tuesday and were not much better on Wednesday.  Finally, by Saturday they were feeling somewhat back to normal.  Besides the fatigue, I had been fighting a tight achilles all week.  I switched brands of shoes 2 weeks ago and when I switched back on Saturday.  The tightness went away.  Good news is that I have spare pair that is brand new and I can break them in for the marathon.  Overall, I am pretty happy with how the week went.  I did my 2nd 20 mile run this weekend 3 minutes faster than 2 weeks ago.  I even ran my marathon pace from miles 10 through 15.  I was feeling so good that I got stupid and skipped my GU at mile 15.  I ran out of gas on the next climb and lost pace the rest of the way.  Thursday was my 3rd swim lesson.  I'm now working on getting my shoulders properly rotated when getting air.  Its really challenging getting everything straight.  There is so much to remember while trying not to drown.  

Week 14 will be much more of the same.  Lots of running, cycling, and swimming.  My long run this week is 15 miles.

Rest day

6.00 mile run at 9:19 pace

8 mile run at 9:14 pace

Private swim lesson
5 mile run at 8:57 pace

21 mile ride at 14.9 MPH average

20 mile run at 9:31 pace

8.00 mile run at 9:14 pace
20 mile ride at 17.9 mph

Miles:  94.35
Time:  10 hours 43 minutes
Cals burned:  9,324

Weight loss:  1 lbs lost.  YTD loss is 18 lbs.

Proof I have the best fans in the world.


inspirunning said...

hey you stole my veggie bike!!!! I almost used it in this weeks post. bah!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the swimming is going well. But please don't drown. Mostly because I don't want to be left alone with John for lunch. Just kidding!

Mudrunner said...

Nice post it was, thanks for sharing this to us. Looking forward for more updates, great marathon training they had.