Monday, April 18, 2011

Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon

LAS VEGAS......those two words really need no introduction.  Not many towns in the world inspire the emotions that this town does.  Both for the good and for the bad.  About 6 weeks ago I was fiddling around on a social media site.  I honestly don't remember which site, but very easily could have been Twitter or Facebook.  What I read, stopped me dead in my tracks.  The headline read:  Come run the first Las Vegas Marathon on the Strip at night.......What?  Run the Strip.....the Vegas Strip?......Wait.....Run the Vegas Strip at night?  

I couldn't believe what I just read.  Not only was it an excuse to go to Vegas, but to run a race on the Strip and add the bonus of doing it at night.  Needless to say, they had my interest.   I logged on the website and sure enough.  The race is at night and runs the whole strip for the first time.  The half marathon is basically a down and back on the strip and the full is the same, but you break off for the additional miles.  I had told myself I was going to do the half, but hadn't committed to anything.

That all changed last week when I read a tweet from @TheLadyBaha.  For those of you who don't know Lady Baha, 1) follow her on twitter 2) She's the wife of Jason aka @cooktraineatrce.  The tweet was that she was doing the Vegas marathon and was curious to know who was in.  I quickly threw my hat in the ring and said I was in.  Jason quickly jumped in as well (I think the Baha may have told him he was racing, but we'll pretend it was his idea).

So far the 3 of us are for sure.  Another four are maybes.  Plus, I am working on a couple local (non-twitter) runners to join in as well.  Also, I can not confirm nor deny scheming to get the unicorn himself @tridiesel to join in the fun as well.

So, I am putting this post out there to see how many Angels and Ninjas we can get together to finish out what is going to be a great 2011 for everyone.  Feel free to forward this to everyone who may be interested.  The race isn't till 12/4 so, it will be a fun 8 months of trash talk and inspiration.  Also, we'll come up with some interesting side bets and challenges.  Maybe even create some of our own medals for ourselves.  I'll list the details below.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Race date:  12/4/2011
Location:  Las Vegas
Registration:  Opens 5/31/2011
Hotel:  Some are staying at the Bahama Resort.  The start finish line is at Mandalay Bay and they have rooms available.
Flights:  Seems like everyone is flying in Friday and leaving Monday.



Colleen said...

We've talked about it... and I'm not discounting it yet! :)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Wow that will be the highest DNS rate in Marathon history!!!

mojamala2 said...

1.) I really wish I wouldn't have read this post. I have tried to put the fact that this marathon is at night and in vegas out of my head. but it keeps creeping up and ughhh I want to run it now. May need to start a vegas fund.
2.) congrats on the Official Blogger status. We'll have to get a picture at the brunch after Cleveland.
3.) will you be wearing a marathon maniac shirt to run in vegas?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Hmmm, I am trying to find the negatives of this because

- Oct is my Bday month
- I get a very nice discount because of my afflitation with Brooks
- Its in Vegas, 6 hours away from my parents
- I am a runner now (ok stop laughing)
- I was the founder of the Ninjas
- Its not on the bike GASP ok reality hit me, its a running race!!! Sighhhhh, WHYYYYYY????

On a side note, the early season half mary looks like its going to be an annual Ohio blogger event, keep your eyes open next spring for the next one we plan

Matty O said...

Man, I would go just to see all the naked girls on the strip... I mean, the bright lights and cool casinos ;)

Possible for Heather and I. We need a vacation :)

Jason said...

We got 8 months to come up with some awesome ideas. I am going to DM you a logo for Angels and Ninjas that I had created. We can use that, once i buy it, and start promoting that and maybe use as the medal.

GETitGIRL said...

I just came across your blog yesterday.. I'm from the midwest too.. cool to hear.. I just signed up! It sounds AMAZING.