Sunday, April 24, 2011

What makes a marathoner?

I've spent the past couple days brainstorming on what I should talk about next.  First, I would like to thank everybody for their support and the kind words that I received since my first post as a Cleveland Marathon blogger.  I never imagined how well the post would have been received and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.  A special thank you also goes to all those who have recommended my blog to others.  I truly appreciated it.

This was big weekend for a lot of us.  Not only is it a holiday weekend, but it is our last major run of training.  Many of us will be pounding out a 20+ miler this weekend.  I got my long run in on Saturday morning. We were fortunate here as the rain cleared out at dawn.  I spent the bulk of the run contemplating what it takes to be a marathoner.  I don't consider myself a runner and sometimes I even wonder If it was a mistake to attempt this distance.  Those of you who know me.  Are well familiar with my I'm just a cyclist impersonating a runner line.  Now, most do think I am crazy for not considering myself a runner.  But I personally I've never felt like one.  So to help myself prepare mentally for what will be the longest distance I've ever ran in my life.  I decided to come up with 26 words that I think describes a marathoner and I would like to share them with you.  I plan on using these words as motivation during training and on race day.


The last word is what I should focus on the most.  As I often loose sight of the fact that running should be fun.  I've been reminded this on several occasions by some running friends and even by runners I don't even know.  As you can see in the photo below.  Not much excitement there.  Definitely need to work on that over the next 3 weeks as well as focus on the other twenty five.  As I feel this is what it will take to be a marathoner.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Great post, and on May 15th, you will be a marathoner

mojamala2 said...

Awesome post! Do you think we can get someone to stand at each mile marker with one of these words. THat would be awesome!

Matty O said...

your race day is what you make of it. Grueling? Painful? Boring? Stupid?

I make all my races an adventure. I pump up the crowds to cheer me on as I am making my way along the course.

It takes my mind off of the pain and the hurt that I am experiencing at that moment, and it engages the crowd to feel like they were a part of your success.

Now, I am not normal by any means haha, so this obviously doesn't work for most people.

But go into it with a positive mind and take in the whole experience.

Keep this in mind whenever you feel like you can't finish a workout or you are about ready to bonk. In 30 minutes, or an hour, you will be done. You will be drinking beer, eating a steak, whatever it is you will be doing and all of this pain and hurt and mental defeat is only a mere temporary hurdle. Works for me every time :)

Angie said...

How about... FEARLESS! =)