Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 14 of 20 Marathon training

Not a whole lot to talk about this week as it was a bit of a recovery for me.  I dialed things back a bit on Friday and Saturday to race the Towpath Half Marathon this past Sunday.  I ran a decent race with a half time of 1:57.  I thought I would run a little better than I did.  What I found most concerning was my average heart rate for the race was 180 bpm.  My heart rate has been decreasing a little each week, so it was a little troubling to see it still this high in race conditions.  When I started training I had planned on building endurance with some cycling after runs, but the weather this Spring has been awful.  One good thing is I have 3 weeks til tapper to get as much work in as possible.  Up for this week is more running with a long run Saturday of 22 miles.  10 of which will be at the Spring Classic.

Miles:  31...All outside
Average pace:  9:00
Calories burned:  5617

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Matty O said...

That HR meant you were working. Anything over 170bpm for me is out of my aerobic threshold and means I am pushing.

The endurance took me about a year to build up for running and HR. I ran the Nike Women's Marathon last fall with my wife. I ran her pace but I never left my aerobic threshold the whole race... meaning I was under 153 bpm average. It took me all year to get to that point haha. Patience with the heart rate stuff... when it finally kicks in though, it will be awesome :)