Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tiny bits from today's 18 mile run...indoors

Up until today I have never ran more than 15 miles at one time.  I've been staring at this day since I started training and it had been on my mind all this week.  Especially since I've ran a total of 24 miles since Tuesday with no rest since last Monday.  It also did not help much that we got blasted with a storm yesterday that left the roads a soupy mess this morning.  So, not only was I going to run 18 miles today.  I was going to have to fight the treadmill for close to 3 hours.  Now, 90% of today's run was on the treadmill.  I was able to escape to the track, but it was crowded and aggravating a blister on my foot.  Below is some excerpts from the 2:49 minute conversation I had with myself today.

I got to the gym and realized I left my G2 and GU chomps at home.  Today is not off to a good start.  Thankfully, I only live a half mile away.

Mile 1:  that's not so bad.  I'm surprised how fresh I feel.

Mile 3:  Just watched a lady slink by like an inch worm.  Could be the craziest AB workout I've ever seen.

Mile 4:  Why am I running a marathon.  I could be in spin class right now.

Mile 5:  Tomorrow I will be done at this point.

Mile 6:  Well, 1/3 done.  I feel a lot better today, but I still feel like I am running harder than I am showing on the clock.

Mile 7:  I wish Libya would calm done.  3.40 a gallon of gas is insane.  Good thing I sold the truck last summer.

Mile 8:  Not sure why I have a blister this week.  Wonder if I am ready for new shoes.

Mile 9:  Halfway!!  That wasn't so bad.  Can't believe I have 9 more to go.

Mile 10:  The Hermes 10.   That race will be here before I know it.  Man, I want to run fast that day.

Mile 12:  Haha.  Got @Shellsruns to spell O-H-I-O last night.  Smile

Mile 13.1 Yay!  sub two hours.  Seriously 4.9 left...ugh.

Mile 14 I'm wonder if I should announce I am only mile 14.  I bet I look like a sweaty struggling mess right now.

Hey mile 15.   I remember when I felt like dying at this point.  Can't believe I am going to run 3 more.  C'mon less than 30 minutes.

Mile 15.1  Holy crap!  My John 00 Flemming mix came on (ipod was on shuffle).  I used to workout to this mix when I first started working out.  I listened to it over a 100 straight work outs and probably lost over 80 lbs to this mix.  The run gods are with me today.

Mile 16  I'd bet I would be runny faster if I didn't have coffee this morning.  Not sure why my conversation with @cooktrainrace has me convinced coffee is bad for me.

Holy Shit.  I made it  18 miles.