Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 8 of 20 Marathon training

Wow, what a crazy week this has been.  So much has gone on, I am not sure where to start.  Us Ohioans had a nice treat this week as the temps reached 60 on Wednesday and Thursday.  I was able to get out and make the most of the weather.  I even got the new bike out too.  All I have to say is WOW.  That bike is solid as a rock and just begs to go faster.  It is going to be a fun summer.  Start saving your pennies kiddos, as you have to go buy one.  It is no wonder that bike finished first and second at the Tour De France.  Ok,  back to training.  This week ended up being more of a recovery week as I did not have a "long" run, but a "long" workout.  I also had my first race of 2011 and set a 5K PR by 1 minute 21 seconds.  Check out my race report entry for more information.  So, this has been a really good week.  I learned a lot in the race and I am ready to get back to work and improve on weak areas that I have.  This will be a big week for me as I have a long run planned Saturday of 18 miles.  
Running:  33 total miles
                 - 21 Outside
                 - 12 Inside

Average Pace: 8:46

Cycling:  20 miles outside  with an average speed of 16 mph.

Swimming: 1 swim session. 

Weight training:  1 session:  Bench 1x12 165lbs 1x8 185lbs 1x4 205lbs
                                             Incline Bench 2x12 120lbs 1x10 115lbs
                                             T-Bar Row 2x15 75lbs
                                             Close Grip Pullups 3x12 (Weight assisted)
                                             Military Press 3x15 55lbs
                                             Pull ups 3x15 15lbs

Weight training session 2:  Incline curls 3x12 25 lbs
                                           Preacher curls 3x12 80lbs
                                           Tricep pulldown 3x12 85lbs
                                           Reverse Tri pulldown (one arm) 3x15 45lbs
                                           Reverse Preacher curl (straight bar) 3x12 50lbs

Calories burned:  6,710
Weight loss this week:  Didn't weigh in
Weight loss YTD:  9lbs


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