Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 7 of 20 Marathon training

This was a good week for me.  I felt really strong all week and posted some of my best times training so far.  I ran 5 miles on Tuesday at an 8:00 minute per mile pace and shaved 2 minutes off my best 15 mile run on Saturday.  Best of all, I was able to get outside on Sunday.  It was even nice enough in the afternoon to get out on my bike, which was my first outside ride on 2011.  I have a lot of excitement going into this week.  Saturday will be my first race of 2011.  Also, I have a big beer bet with @shellsruns on the race.  If you are not following her on Twitter, you should.  She's a good follow and a fellow CLE runner.  Also, the weather forecast is looking promising for getting outside more this week.  Always a good thing.  On a non cardio note.  The weekend is the Daytona 500 and a long weekend as a result of a Bank Holiday.  To make things even better, my favorite driver won the pole for the race, so a lot of good going on around the Beal lately.  

Running:  40 total miles
                 - 4 Outside
                 - 36 Inside

Average Pace: 9:04

Cycling:  10 miles outside 1 hour 45 minutes on the trainer.

Swimming: 1 swim session. 

Weight training:  1 session:  Bench 1x12 165lbs 1x8 185lbs 1x4 205lbs
                                             Incline Bench 2x12 120lbs 1x10 115lbs
                                             T-Bar Row 2x15 75lbs
                                             Close Grip Pullups 3x12 (Weight assisted)
                                             Military Press 3x15 55lbs
                                             Pull ups 3x15 15lbs

Weight training session 2:  Incline curls 3x12 25 lbs
                                           Preacher curls 3x12 80lbs
                                           Tricep pulldown 3x12 85lbs
                                           Reverse Tri pulldown (one arm) 3x15 45lbs
                                           Reverse Preacher curl (straight bar) 3x12 50lbs

Calories burned:  8,602
Weight loss this week:  1lbs
Weight loss YTD:  9lbs

Fear the running ninja Cleveland

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Nice week

Check out my post from today, being a cyclist, you will like it