Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mayfield Run for Life 5K - Race report

The plan all along this week was to participate in the 100K (64 miles) cycling tour of Geauga County.  It is called the Sunday in June ride and is Cleveland Touring Club's main ride for the year.  This ride was on Sunday and I had been struggling with what workout to do on Saturday.  I hadn't ridden that distance this year, so I didn't want to do anything too strenuous.  A long run was out of the question and I didn't want to ride too much either.  Then I received an email from @JillMEarle that solved my problem.  A 5K race in Mayfield, Ohio.  It was perfect.  A nice flat course that would be a hard workout,  but not too hard.  So, I replied to the email with a big YES to that race.

I am really glad I went to this race as it is definitely the best "bang for my buck" that I've experienced at a running race.  The cost was only $15.00 and this is what was included:  A closed course, timed race, 1 water stop, t-shirt, Livestrong bracelet, a handbag, fruit and water at the finish, and a free BEER!!  The best news?  Still with all the goodies, all the money went to charity.  So, this was all sponsorship driven.  Really cool to see the sponsors set up for this event.

I rode fairly hard Friday evening, but awoke feeling pretty fresh Saturday morning.  I was up early as usual getting my coffee and going through my routine.  The race started and finished at the Boneyard in Mayfield, Ohio.  So, I made the quick trip up their and went through packet pick up.  Next, I warmed up some and did some stretching.  I typically never stretch before a workout, but since it was a 5K.  I thought it would be best.  I haven't done a 5K since January.  Actually, I have ran more half marathon than 5Ks during my short running adventure.  I've always wanted to run a flat 5k as all the ones so far had been hilly.  Plus, I have been pretty disgruntled with my running this year and I needed a PR in a big way.  At this time, Jill had arrived and we headed to the start.  It wasn't a large race, but everybody packed together pretty tight at the start.

As the race began I jetted too just outside the closed lane cones at it was the only place with room to move.  The course was flat as described.  There were a few false flats, but since the course zig-zagged.  They were even.  I was running pretty well in the 7's and started to fatigue a little around the halfway point and settled in the 8's.  I've been slacking on my on my speedwork.  So, this was a good way to get started.  I rounded the final turn and made a quick sprint to the finish at the Boneyard.  The final result?  25:20...good enough for a PR of 30 seconds!

This was a great race and I had a blast at it and will be back next year.

1 - Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix) by Depeche Mode
2 - Love Is Darkness (Original Mix) [feat. Carol Lee] by Sander van Doorn
3 - Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) [feat. T-Pain] by Pitbull
4 - In My World by Anthrax
5 - Worq It (live) by Ignition Technician
6 - Moments by DJ Tatana

This ended being a pretty good mix, but for a 5K I may need to go with a little bit faster music.



Matty O said...

Nice man! It's those spontaneous races that we always do best in.

Be careful on the speed work though, make sure your body has time to heal (trust me).

How was the ride on Sunday?

She said I need a goal said...

nice job on the PR!! holy smoking FAST you are!

BDD said...

Sometimes spontaneous races are the way to go, no time to stress out about it

Colleen said...

Gotta love cheap races with good swag and a good cause! :)

Congrats on the PR... that's awesome!