Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 2 of Akron Marathon Training

This was a pretty good week of training.  Here in Northeast Ohio the rains have stopped and we are in our second straight week of great weather.  Most of the week was split between running and riding for me.  I ran horribly early on in the week as I struggled with a muggy run with the temps reaching into the low 90's.  I recovered two days later to have one of my best runs in the past two months.  After that run, I felt confident enough to run the Lake Distance Half Marathon yesterday.  I'll get more into that in tomorrow's race report.  I am continuing to spend more and more quality time on the bike.  Adding more climbs and miles each week.  This week will be focused mostly on cycling.  I'll be riding a lot early as I rest the running legs and then will do some running Thursday and Friday.  This weekend will be full of racing fun as I will be attending the Mayfield Run for Life 5K on Saturday at the Boneyard in Mayfield, Ohio.  On Sunday, I'll be participating in the Sunday in June 64 mile bike tour of Geauga County.  The weather is looking good so far, with only some pop up storms occasionally.  So, it should be another great week.  Oh, can't believe I almost forgot.  I lost another 2.5 pounds this week.  I'm definitely excited about that and will be looking to lose more by September 24th.

Running: 24 miles with an average pace of 9:42

Cycling:  104 miles with an average speed of 16.4 mph.

Total miles 128

Total time spent training:  10 hrs 11 mins.

Calories burned:  8,134



Colleen said...

Yay! Congrats on the weight loss too.

We've run Akron before and it's a great race. Very well organized, good swag and a nice course.

mojamala2 said...

And the rain is back today. Hopefully just today though. Great week of training. Can't wait to hear the race recap. I saw a picture of that one hill.