Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wadsworth Matchstick 4 Mile Race

This past Thursday I received a call from a friend who I ride and run with.  They wanted to know if I would be interested in running a night race in their town.  A combination of not seeing them in awhile as well as never saying no to a good race led to a big YES to that question.  Unfortunately, I did not realize the cost of the race as it was $30 dollars for a 4 miler.  I guess that is what I get for complaining about paying $50 for a 10 miler.

My main objective for this race was to have a good time and see some friends I hadn't seen in awhile.  Also, Friday was to be my long run of the week.  The plan I developed while at work was to go for a run when I got home.  Get cleaned up and then head to the race early to get some extra miles and then run the race.  

Fortunately,  I am allowed to work hours that are convenient to me.  I work early in the morning so I can avoid traffic as well as have more time to train after work.  I got home on Friday and headed out for a run.  As I got to the half mile mark, the rain came and continued through the whole run of 6 miles.  FML!

After the run, I made the 20 minute trip to Wadsworth.  Thankfully, the rain had stopped and the clouds had begun to break apart.  After arriving at the race.  I got registered and began to run again, trying to loosen up.  By this time, I only could only get a little over a mile in before the pre-race festivities began.  

The race itself is the Matchstick 4 miler and is part of the Blue Tip Festival in Wadsworth, Ohio.  For those of you not familiar with the area.  The Blue Tip matches used to be made there.  Every year, there would be a festival called the Blue Tip Festival.  Over the years, the factory is no loner open, but the festival still remains.  

The race itself began at Isham Elementary School and headed East through downtown.  It was nice heading to town as a symbol of the festival is a 20 foot tall match that is lit during the festival.  We passed by the match and then did a small loop before heading North.  We then headed through a graveyard.  Yes, a graveyard.  I have never ran through a graveyard before and we proceeded to run switch backs through the whole place.  The next few miles were spent weaving through the neighborhood.  I was holding a decent pace in the low 8's and felt pretty strong for someone who was already 9 miles deep at this point.  We came to a water stop at the halfway point and all they had was water.  I was hoping for gatorade as I was in need of a little extra kick.  It was purely my fault as all I had besides water since lunch was 1 GU pack.  I had a little extra water and made my way through the next 2 miles.  

This race was part of the Subway Fresh Fit Series and there were some serious ballers competing in the race.  I almost wish I was a little more rested as I was doing pretty good for me, but could have been doing much better.  One thing I have notice the past two races and I am not sure if it's simply that I am in marathon shape and running shorter races or the fact that I am actually getting in better shape.  But for the the 2nd race in a row, in the last mile I was passing people.  Passing with authority and a lot of people too.   It probably doesn't hurt much too that I am also down over 7 1/2 pounds since the Cleveland Marathon.

My time end up being 33:56 with an average pace of  8:32.   A PR too!!!!!!!  Not too shabby with all the riding I had done that week and the 7 miles I ran before the race.  It was a fun time and a well organized race.  Just a rip off at 30 bucks, but oh well.  I had nothing else to do and it was great to see some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile.  Since I was alway from home.  I didn't get to celebrate with some Christmas Ale, so I did the next best thing and powered through a sixer of Summer Shandy.  It was good carb loading for my 60+ mile ride on Saturday.  

1.  Never Let Me Down Again (Eric Prydz Remix) by Depeche Mode
2.  Love Is Darkness (Original Mix) [feat. Carol Lee] by Sander van Doorn
3.  Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) [feat. T-Pain] by Pitbull
4.  Base On Acid by Mindbender
5.  In My World by Anthrax
6.  Worq It by Ignition Technician
7 . Moments by DJ Tatana



Heather said...

Congrats on the PR!! That's SPEEDY!!

BDD said...

Congrats on the PR