Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 3 of Akron Marathon Training

This was another good week of training for me.  We were blessed again with some great weather this week.  Well, except for Wednesday as the heat index was 103.  Since it was so hot, I got the bright idea to run and suffered through a horrid 5 miles.  My thought was that it would be easier to run shorter than ride longer.  It didn't work out so well.  The rest of the week was spent riding in the hills of CVNP as I was trying to build form for Sunday's 100K bike tour through Geauga County.  I took a week off from having a long run and did some good work over the weekend.  Friday was a long ride, a 5K on Saturday, and a 100K tour on Sunday.  You can see my 5K race report here under Mayfield Run for Life and I'll post a summary on Sunday tomorrow.  The weather is looking much cooler this week, so I will be splitting my time between running and riding again.  Also on the horizon will be a 10 mile race this Sunday.   In somewhat ok, but still disappointing news.  I only lost 1/2 a pound this week.  I'm a little disgruntled over it, but atleast I am lighter than I was the week before.

Running miles for the week:  8.2 with an average pace of 9:24

Cycling miles for the week:  164 with and average speed of 16.5 mph.

Total miles for the week:  172.2

Caloried burned:  7,742

Time spent training:  11 hours 12 minutes.



Jason said...

Great job getting the work in. Keep it up brother and RnRLV will be here before we know it.

MissFit Island said...

Great week!

Hey - don't fret the 1/2 lb. per week. Over a year that is 26 lbs. That is pretty good - I'd take it!

mojamala2 said...

love that picture, you look like a rock star!

Colleen said...

Holy bike miles! :)

Great job this week and I love that picture!